Journalist Beaten While Covering Rice Truck Derailment


Tribun Ambon journalist experienced violence while covering the derailment of a truck loaded with rice belonging to Perum Bulog, Maluku and North Maluku Division, on Tuesday afternoon, January 16 2024.

Journalist General Louis was in the Galala area, 100 meters from the Bulog rice warehouse. He then recorded the incident where a truck loaded with Bulog rice slipped on a ramp on its way to Halong's Gudang Berasa Bulog (GBB or warehouse), owned by Perum Bulog, Maluku Divre, North Maluku, Galala area, Ambon city.

However, when the journalist recorded the incident, the Head of PT Jasa Prima Logistik Bulog, Maluku and North Maluku branch, Johar Isnain approached the journalist and said the incident should not be documented. Journalist has shown his press card and said that he is on duty.

However, Johar still prohibited journalists from documenting or covering the incident. When journalist asked why prohibited from covering the incident, Johar answered that he was responsible for it, without providing a detailed explanation. Johar then shouted, grabbed the journalist's shoulders and shook the journalist's body. He also hit the journalist's right temple. After hitting the journalist, the perpetrator immediately turned around and walked away.

The journalist, who did not accept the beating, then recorded the perpetrator of the violence and asked why he hit him? Johar's people then prohibited the victim from recording the perpetrator. They hit the victim on the hands, head, neck and body. They tried to confiscate the journalist's cellphone and forced the recording of the incident to be deleted.

The Journalist then tried to run away to free himself from the beating. He ran quickly across the road, until he finally managed to save himself. Journalist has reported this case of violence to the Baguala Police, Ambon City, Maluku.

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