The internet network in Jayapura is disrupted


Telecommunication networks in the city of Jayapura to the regency, were disrupted on Thursday, March 9 2023. Based on data from Telkom Papua, the disruption occurred at 08.15 AM and was only fully normal at 15.00 PM.

AJI Jayapura monitored the people in Jayapura, especially journalists, unable to use cell phone services until 10.15 AM. Meanwhile, internet network services were disrupted for seven hours from 08.15 AM to 15.00 PM.

Telkom Papua stated that the disruption to the telecommunications network was due to disruption to the fiber optic Sea Cable Communication System (SKKL) in Sarmi-Biak waters. The telecommunication network in Jayapura is now operating as usual.

The editor of, Vian Matu, revealed that he was unable to post news, photos and videos on the website, due to the telecommunication network interruption for the seven hours.

Musa Abubar, a pioneer of and editor of the online media Noken Live, said he was very affected by the telecommunications network disruption. He felt unable to access the website, and worked on news from journalists in the field.

He hopes that Telkom Papua can prevent telecommunications network disruptions from happening again in Papua. This problem has occurred many times and has had a serious impact on community activities, especially the press community.

AJI Jayapura noted that telecommunications network disruptions have occurred seven times between 2015 and 2023.

One of these seven incidents occurred on August 29 2019. At that time, the central government cut off the internet network in the city of Jayapura, following a riot sparked by a demonstration against racism in Surabaya, East Java.

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