Improvised bomb explodes at journalist Jubi's house


Journalist for, Victor Mambor was terrorized by an improvised bomb, which exploded right next to his house in Jayapura, Papua, Monday, January 23 2023.

The bomb exploded on the side of the road, which was only about three meters from the wall of Victor's house, in Angkasapura Village, North Jayapura District, Jayapura City. The explosion occurred around 04.00 AM.

Victor said that early that morning, he, who had not slept, heard the sound of a motorbike stopping on the road right beside his house. Not long after the motorcyclist left the location, about a minute later, an explosion was heard.

The sound of this explosion shocked Victor and his family not only. A number of residents in the residential complex also left their homes to check the location of the source of the explosion. At first, Victor thought that the sound was coming from an exploding electric substation.

Victor revealed that when there was an explosion, the walls of his house shook like an earthquake. I also checked the source of the explosion and smelled sulfur coming from the side of the house. It turned out that there were traces of an explosion on the road only three meters from the wall of the house.

Evidence from the CCTV camera footage installed in one part of Victor's house shows a glimpse of a motorbike passing by the side of his house, before the explosion occurred.
Victor has reported the incident to the Jayapura City Police. On Monday at 09.00 AM, investigators from the Jayapura City Police conducted an investigation into the crime scene, took information from Victor and secured evidence, in the form of fuses and other materials left over from the bomb explosion.

The police are still investigating the case, and there has been no update from the police regarding the development of this case.

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