Hercules threatened journalists after being questioned as a witness


Rosario De Marshall alias Hercules covering his arrival at the Corruption Eradication Commission office, on Thursday, January 19, 2023.

That Thursday morning, Hercules, accompanied by his attorney, was present at the Corruption Eradication Commission office's building, at Kuningan Persada street, Setiabudi, South Jakarta, to fulfill the summons.

Hercules present as a witness for the suspect, Supreme Court Justice Sudrajad Dimyati, related to the alleged bribery case at the Supreme Court.

After Hercules got out of the car, a number of journalists on duty at that office started taking pictures and approached him.

But Hercules is unsympathetic to journalists, and at the same time threatens to beat up journalists.

"You want to be spanked? You want spanked? You want spanked? If you want spanked, I will be spanked. This is it, this! Monkey!" Hercules said while walking towards that office.

The former Tanah Abang market thug pointed his left hand at the group of journalists from television, print media and online media who were present in the courtyard of that office.

Hercules finished undergoing examination by the KPK investigator team on Thursday afternoon. When he left that building office, Hercules still showed an unpleasant attitude.

When asked by reporters about the investigation, he replied: “Ask investigators, I'm lazy with journalists, because not all journalists are right, you are provocateurs. You may mess with KPK officials, but don't mess with me, I will ignore it," Hercules threatened reporters.

That day, Hercules, a former thug, who is now an expert at the Pasar Jaya Regional Company underwent an examination at the the Corruption Eradication Commission office building for approximately 6 hours.

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