Haluanriau Journalist Experienced Doxing on Twitter


Haluanriau journalist Nurmadi experienced a doxing attack via Twitter on Monday, March 20, 2023.

#99 @PartaiSocmed twitter account, writes the journalist's real name, and displays his personal photo. The account accuses Nurmadi of having enjoyed traveling to Malaysia and Bangkok at the expense of several parties.

The account wrote “Hello mas Nurmadi, journalist for the Haluan Riau Daily, we know you were facilitated by the Regional Secretary for Riau to publish one-sided news.

How was the healing in Malaysia yesterday, was it good? at whose expense? The tweet was retweeted 725 times, and there are 73 quotes.

The tweet on Twitter on Monday, March 20, 2023, also posted a photo that allegedly Nurmadi was looking at an Iphone branded cellphone, and a screenshot of the news headline in the victim's media entitled: Shame on Reporting on a Hedon-Style Wife without Kroscheck, Provincial Secretary: That's an Old Photo Don't Slander.

As a result of this post, the victim received a cornering message from Netizens. From a number of comments from netizens, many have cornered the journalist whose name and photo have been displayed on Twitter.

For example, Paidjo_Nggambleh replied to the Socmed party by tweeting, “I'm not weird, journalists in the regions are like that. Especially when it's Eid, you have to prepare envelopes for them. If they don't, they will be chased like debt collectors who collect credit, the media in the regions, especially newspapers, will only sell their newspapers in the regional government, if there are other people who buy them."

There was another netizen Kiw@kifly_69 who replied to the Socmed party with his tweet "Reporters are like this when the boss's funds are liquid, they like to ask the school principal for money, Taik really".

Meanwhile, sysy@ssnakeque replied to the Socmed party with a tweet, "Seriously asking, is the Iphone 4 really usable at this time?"

Meanwhile, Doblang@arinan replied to the Socmed party with his tweet, "Owwh, the journalists can also be bought, right with the officials...

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