A female journalist in Mandar, experienced harassment


A female journalist in Mandar, South Sulawesi, was harassed by an unknown man, while driving home from Majene district to Polewali Mandar district, West Sulawesi, on Tuesday evening, January 24, 2023.

That night, the victim had just finished completing several activities and interviews with sources in Majene district.

That Tuesday night, the victim rode his own motorcycle after a day of activities in Majene. At around 23:00 PM, when the victim was on the Polewali-Majene axis road, Mapilli District, a man was seen following the victim.

The man was known to be riding a black motorbike, and he did not turn on his vehicle's lights. The motor also does not have a motor plate.
When the victim arrived in the Mapilli area, the man came close and asked the victim to forcibly pull over to the side of the road. Confused, the victim stopped to follow the person's instructions.

But when it stopped, the unknown man walked over and immediately held the victim's hand. The victim tried to avoid it by turning the steering wheel of the motorbike so that the perpetrator's hand slipped from the victim's arm.

But the man again committed acts of harassment, by holding the victim's chest.

The man's actions made the victim realize that he was in danger, causing the victim to panic and fear. In a state of panic and fear, the victim immediately accelerated his vehicle to leave the location.

The victim then looked for a well-lit location and immediately sent a message to his friend in the area via WhatsApp.

After sending the message, the victim then headed to the house of a fellow journalist, which was not far from that location, to calm down.

On Wednesday morning, January 25 2023, the victim, who was accompanied by several journalists in Mandar, made an official report to the Polewali Mandar Resort Police office.

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