A Female Journalist Experienced Sexual Harassment When Passing Through the City Forest


A female journalist in Palu, Indonesia with the initial N, experienced harassment while on her way to the Central Sulawesi Regional Police, Tuesday, 13 June 2023.

That Tuesday afternoon, journalist N will cover the supervision of the National Police Commission (Kompolnas) at the Central Sulawesi Regional Police.

To get to the Central Sulawesi Regional Police, N must first pass through the urban forest of Palu. While crossing the urban jungle of Palu, N, who was riding a motorcycle, felt someone was following her. At first, she thought it was her partner, and she herself paid no attention to the person.

But N was very surprised, when the man's hand that she did not know then touched her chest. N was shocked and wanted to scream for help. However, she didn't have opportunity to do that, because the city forest was very quiet that afternoon.

The urban forest should be a public and safe place for anyone. Because of this incident, she should rise her awareness if she goes through this forest. She personally hopes that the security aspect should be improved.

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