Female journalist experience harassment when come home from work


A female journalist with the initial S who works for online media in Jakarta, experienced harassment on Tuesday, 21 February 2023.

That day, the victim was going home from her office at the South Jakarta area, around 19.00 PM.At that time, the victim was going home by riding a bicycle, from Kemang street to Prapanca I street.

Then the victim was approached by an unknown perpetrator using a motorcycle. At first the victim was not suspicious, because he thought that the mysterious person was an office colleague he usually met on the street.

However, just as the victim was crossing The American Club building which is located on Prapanca I street, the perpetrator drew his motorbike closer to the victim, then physically assaulted the victim's breast with his left hand.

Because it happened so quickly, the victim was shocked. The victim then screamed and chased the perpetrator by a bicycle.

However, because the victim was still traumatized, and the condition of Jl. Prapanca I was still in the dark, the victim did not dare to stop then reported it to the security guard at The American Club, who saw the victim running and screaming. The victim has reported the incident to the South Jakarta Metro Police.

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