Facebook media Floresa.co experienced an outage


Facebook Media Floresa.co is experienced an outage. A collaborative report with Project Multatuli entitled “Twin Brothers of Komodo who Refuse to be Left Out by Tourism Business Corporations” has disappeared on Facebook and can no longer be shared on Facebook Floresa. The Floresa.co editorial team found it difficult to share news on the Floresa.co Facebook Fanpage from Friday 11 November 2022 to Thursday 17 November 2022.

The editorial team of Floresa.co publishes a report on the efforts of the Komodo Islanders, facing the government's decision to take over land, and limit their marine catchment space for tourism investment projects. The report was published on Thursday, 10 November 2022 at 19.05 WIB.

The report is the result of Floresa's collaboration with the Multatuli Project, and is jointly published on their respective websites. This coverage is one of in-depth coverage, which raises the voices of residents, responding to various kinds of national strategic projects in the Flores region.

On Thursday, around 19.30 PM, the Floresa editorial team uploaded a link to the article covering the collaboration on the Floresa.co on Facebook page . The same report was also shared on Floresa's social media, such as Twitter and Instagram. Floresa's Facebook page currently has 12,000 followers.

On November 11, 2022 at 03.45 WIB, the Floresa Facebook page admin received a notification that no one could see the upload. The message reads no one else can see your post. At the same time, the uploaded articles covering the collaboration disappeared from the Facebook page.

Then the Floresa.co Team received complaints from readers or followers on facebook, informing that they could not share the link to the article on their accounts, since 07.00 AM.

At around 11.00 WIB, the Floresa team tried to re-upload the report on the facebook page, but could not. Meanwhile, other articles from the Floresa website can still be uploaded. Links on old posts are still clickable and link to the Floresa.co site.

Because of that, their media team wrote an post on Floresa's Facebook page, informing them that we can no longer share the link to articles covering the collaboration via Facebook. However, readers can still access it by visiting the Floresa.co website directly.

The Floresa team has also included two graphics related to zoning changes in komodo national park plants, and a list of company names that have obtained business concessions in komodo national park. This graphic is also included in our collaborative coverage article.

The information which posted doesn't include any links at all - just text and graphics.

At 11.52 AM, the Floresa team received a notification that no one could see the new upload. Then another notification appeared, informing that other posts on the Floresa facebook page could no longer be seen by other people.

Simultaneously, the Floresa team received messages from our followers, and those who had shared the Floresa.co article link, in which they stated that they had been notified that the link they shared was spam and can no longer be accessed.

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