Editor in Chief of Betanews.id was summoned by the police


The editor-in-chief of Betanews.id in Kudus Regency, Central Java, was summoned by the police to fulfill an invitation for clarification regarding alleged defamation. The Chief Red Chief was summoned to attend the Satreskrim Unit of the Pati Police, on Tuesday, January 23 2024.

This clarification is related to Utomo's complaint regarding alleged defamation, the object of which originates from a statement which is considered erroneous in the news.

Several months earlier, Betanews.id also published a number of news stories regarding businessman Utomo, who had been accused in a fraudulent investment case. Utomo underwent a trial at the Pati district court, with an acquittal verdict. At the cassation level at the Supreme Court, Utomo was sentenced to one year in prison.

Some time later, Utomo's lawyer began to investigate the inaccuracies in some media reporting on the case. Until then Head of Betanews.id received a summons for clarification.

Information from the Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Pati Police, Commissioner M Alfan Armin stated that the complaint from Utomo was received on November 15 2023 for two other media in one complaint. This is still in the investigation stage.

Meanwhile, Betanews.id complained personally, not directly to the media. The complaint was related to a statement which was deemed to be defamatory to Utomo in the news published by Betanews.id

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