Covering the sealing of the discotheque, 5 journalists were mistreated


Five journalists in Surabaya experienced persecution and intimidation while covering the sealing of the Ibiza discotheque, Jl Simpang Dukuh, Surabaya, on Friday afternoon, January 20 2023. The abuse was carried out by dozens of journalists in plain clothes.
The five journalists are Firman (Inews journalist), Anggadia ( journalist), Rofik (LensIndonesia journalist), Ali (Inews photo reporter) and Didik (Antara photo reporter).

Based on the victim's statement, the incident began at around 14.00 AM. They initially monitored preparations for sealing entertainment venues being carried out by the One-Stop Integrated Investment Service and Satpol PP of the East Java Provincial Government. They monitor the activity from the shop located in front of the entertainment venue.

A woman whose identity is not known, then asked Rofik and his friends to go up to the fifth floor because Wahyu called them. The woman spoke in a high tone. Because the journalists did not know Wahyu, they refused to go up to the fifth floor. They only wanted to interview the relevant agencies, regarding the sealing of discotheques.

At 15.00 PM, Rofik returned to the front shop to approach and call Didik, to get ready in front of the elevator. It was then that Rofik heard the provocation from the same woman. A commotion ensues. In just a matter of seconds, dozens of unknown men who had intimidated Angga and Firman while in the building, then approached Rofik at the shop and immediately started beating him on the back of the head, face, and right back. They were also thrown with chairs, and their feet, thighs and calves were stepped on repeatedly.

Didik's right leg was also kicked and his right hand was beaten while wearing Firman's helmet and Angga was intimidated and managed to avoid the beating. At 15.20 PM the journalist decided to return home because more and more thugs appeared to be getting emotional.

The thugs also detained Angga and Rofik's motorbikes, and were only able to take them after the police escorted them to the location. The victims have made a report to Polrestabes Surabaya.

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