Covering the Regent's Testimony, Journalist Experienced Violence


Journalist were experienced violence while coverage at the Tanjung Karang District Court, Lampung, on Thursday 27 July 2023.

Diyon appeared at the trial on Thursday, July 27 2023 to present the South Lampung Regent Nanang Ermanto. Nanang was present as a witness. The Regent came escorted by some of his aides.

Diyon then recorded the presence and statement of the Regent in the courtroom.

A few minutes later, two people with close-cropped hair pulled Diyon's hand and forbade him to record. One of them even put his hand around Diyon's neck.

The journalist were also invited to fight outside the room. "Come on out, you're a man right?" said the man.

The judge reprimanded the commotion. Two of the Regent's aides then left the courtroom, and Diyon continued his duties.

Finished covering, Diyon left the room. The two men aide to the district head returned to the journalist and asked him to delete the video tape he had taken.

Diyon refused dan has reported intimidation and violence that he experienced to the Lampung Police.

Number of attacked persons or entities related to media
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Position in media
Status of journalists
Full name or name of group
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Bodyguard for the Regent of South Lampung
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