Covering reconstruction of the case of the abuse, journalists experienced violence


Several journalists in Medan experienced physical violence while covering the reconstruction of the case of the abuse of two members of the Medan regional people's representative council (DPRD). The DPRD member has been named a suspect.

The reconstruction was held at Higs5 Bar & Lounge at Abdullah Lubis street, Medan City, on Tuesday, 27 February 2023.

At that time, Tribun Medan journalist Alfiansyah and journalist Goklas Wesly Sihotang came to the location to cover the reconstruction.

Journalist for online media Bharata Yudha, Suryanto, was already present at the location.

When the reconstruction started, Alfiansyah and Goklas started taking pictures, but a thug named Rakesh approached the two.

Rakesh forbids the two journalists from taking pictures with his tools. The two journalists then asked what was the reason for them not being able to cover and take pictures. Journalists also ask, who is Rakesh?

Rakesh said he was a member of the Community and Youth Organization (OKP) of the Indonesian Youth Renewal Force, -this was later denied by the Medan City AMPI board-.

Rakesh then threatened Alfiansyah and said “Don't record it, ok, I'll kill you later. You don't know me!" snarled Rakesh.

Alfiansyah replied that he did not know who Rakesh was. He was at the location, just to cover. However, Rakesh was angry and kicked out the media crew.

At that time, journalists TV One, Bahana Situmorang and several other journalists arrived at the location and immediately took pictures with their cameras. Rakesh immediately acted rudely to Bahana Situmorang.

Rakesh's violent actions when he attacked Bahana, was recorded by Suryanto. Rakesh, who knew this, immediately kicked Suryanto.

The condition then started to get messy. The police, who were at the scene, were silent about it, until things really got chaotic, the police finally broke up the fight.

The victim has reported to the Medan Polrestabes, accompanied by AJI Medan and IJTI North Sumatra officials. Rakesh, the perpetrator of violence against journalists, was arrested by the Medan Police, on Tuesday 28 February 2023.

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