Covering presidential candidates, A female journalists harassed


A female journalist in Makassar, with the initials L, experienced sexual harassment while covering presidential candidate Anies Baswedan's meeting with his supporters in Makassar, on Saturday December 9, 2022. Anies' bodyguard allegedly assaulted L, who was about to conduct an interview with Anies.

The victim said that when the main meeting was over, the journalists who had gathered were ready to take part in an interview with Anies. However, many residents still flocked to take pictures with the presidential candidate.

At that time, Anies had walked to the front of the stage to take a photo with a number of academics. The victim also walked behind and stood in the front position while taking video footage. At that time there were still many people gathered to take pictures.

In that condition, a troop of guards in navy blue stood right in front of the victim, to secure and limit the residents. The guard immediately pushed L with his hand and held the victim's breasts.

Realizing that he was being treated badly, the victim admitted that he was shocked, shocked and silent for a moment because he was confused. The victim had reprimanded the bodyguard and said it was impudent Sir, well, hold it carelessly.

The bodyguard seemed indifferent and responded only by apologizing. Receiving this treatment, the victim backed away from the crowd and calmed down. The he reported the case to AJI Makassar.

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