Covering the distribution of cheap groceries, journalist intimidated


A journalist in Batam with the initials W, experienced intimidation while covering the distribution of cheap groceries, which was held by the Batam city government at Aku Tahu Market, Seipanas, Batam, on Wednesday, March 8 2023. The deputy governor of the Islands Riau, Marlin Agustina
present at that distribution of the cheap groceries.

Journalist with the initials W was present that day to cover the program. He recorded the deputy governor's activities when give a speech.
Some time later, he was approached by a man, who asked him to forcibly delete the footage he had taken. It can be identified, that person is one of delegation of the deputy governor of the Riau Islands.

The person argued that the video coverage had to be removed, because later it could be misused for other purposes. Debate ensued between journalist and that man.
Journalists replied that the results of their coverage were only for the media, and it was impossible to misuse them.
Journalist W also firmly assures that his media has been verified at the Press Council of Indonesia. Journalist W ultimately did not delete the video coverage, but he was continuously observed by the person.

One other journalist, also experienced a similar threat in this activity, by the same person. Unfortunately he was forced to delete the video that had been used for live.
Local media reported that the instruction to remove the journalist's video coverage was allegedly related to the presence deputy governor of the Riau Islands Marlin Agustina at the event. Meanwhile, her husband, Mayor of Batam, Muhammad Rudi, who were scheduled to attend, did not come.

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