Covering Discussion, Journalist Beaten


Kompas TV cameraman Janivan Prapta experienced violence while covering a discussion on the Young Generation of the Golkar Party (GMPG) at the Pulau Dua restaurant, Senayan, Jakarta, on Wednesday, 26 July 2023.

The attack on the Kompas TV cameraman was carried out by an unknown mob, who demanded that the committee disband the discussion. The commotion continued when the crowd asked journalists who were at the location not to record the action to disband the discussion.

The atmosphere at the location became tense when Kompas TV cameraman, was seen recording the riot. One of the crowd then met the journalist, then hit him in the face and pushed the journalist's camera.

The victim felt the blow hit his chin, and his camera was also pushed. Janivan has reported this violence to Polda Metro Jaya (police station).

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