Covering demonstrations over land conflicts, journalists were arrested by the police


Journalist for Noufryadi Sururama, was arrested by the Manado Police along with a number of demonstrators in Kalasey Dua Village, Mandolang District, Minahasa Regency, Monday, November 7 2022.

That day, a group of people held a demonstration against land clearing in Kalasey Dua Village, Mandolang District, Minahasa Regency. Several journalists came to cover in the morning, and towards noon Noufryadi Sururama came to do reporting and interviews with a number of journalists.

When the authorities secured a number of demonstrators at the Manado Police, a number of journalists immediately moved to the Police to take police statements. However, Noufryadi's brother did not participate and stayed at the action site in the village of Kalasey Dua.

Then there was information that there was a follow-up demonstration by a group of students, and the police arrested a number of people.

AJI Manado suspects that Noufryadi has been arrested by the authorities, because he was involved in the advocacy movement. After checking on the ground, it was true that Noufryadi was arrested by the police and taken to the Manado Police.

Noufriady himself admitted that he was surprised that he was surrounded by the joint apparatus. At that time, he was not far from the resistance post area of ??the residents. According to Noufriady, he was trying to get out of the encirclement, but several police officers and Satpol PP confronted him and asked for the victim's identity card.
Noufriady replied that he was a journalist, while showing his ID card.
Nofriady also showed a resident identity card taken from a wallet in his bag. However, the police did not believe his confession and the victim was taken into custody.

The victim was then pulled from behind by one of the officers until his clothes were torn.
After that, he was forcibly pulled and put into a police car, then taken to the Manado Police.

AJI Manado then went to Polresta to get Noufriady out. After conducting dialogue with the police, Noufriady was allowed to go home.

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