Covering the demonstration, journalists' cellphones were damaged


Journalist’s mobile phone was damaged by police officers while covering a demonstration in front of the Aceh Parliament building, Jl Daud Bereueh, Banda Aceh, on Wednesday, August 7 2022.
That day, Journalist for Serambi Indonesia Indra Wijaya was present at the demonstration site around 13.00 WIB. At that time, the demonstrators were already standing on the street in front of the Aceh DPR building.
He then took a video of the masses gathering in front of the Aceh DPR building.
About 30 minutes later, the crowd moved towards the entrance to the Aceh DPR building.
When they were about to enter, the police stopped the crowd because they were only given room for 10 students to have an audience with the Aceh DPR building.
The crowd didn't accept it, so they tried to break down the gate of the DPR building to enter.
Seeing the demonstrations getting chaotic, Indra Wijaya took the initiative to do a live via Facebook for the Serambi Indonesia editorial team. A few minutes later, when his cell phone camera was directed at several masses who were secured by the police. A suspected police intelligence officer hit and dropped the journalist's cell phone on the road. The phone is broken and part of the screen is broken.
At that time the direct report was still being made, and the pictures were irregular.
Indra then took his cell phone on the road. He then saved himself, ran to the front of the bus stop near the building next to the Aceh DPR building.
At that time, Indra saw that his cellphone was damaged, the buttons and keyboard of his cellphone were not perfect.
Even though the cellphone screen is broken, the live broadcast is still being carried out because the cellphone's rear camera can still record video.
After the action began to subside, the victim reported the incident to the editor of Serambi Indonesia and AJI.

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