Covering Burnt Traditional Markets, Reporters in Manokwari Experience Violence

Description and Inews TV journalist Mathias Reyaan, who was on duty in Manokwari, experienced violence and confiscated his work tools while covering the fire at Wosi Market, West Manokwari district, Manokwari district, West Papua, on Tuesday, June 6, 2023.

That day, the victim was going to cover the fire at the Wosi market, until then the victim was beaten up and his cell phone was confiscated. The incident occurred at around 02.45 WIT

While covering and going to document the fire incident, suddenly a loud voice was heard urging Mathias Reyaan to stop taking pictures at that location.

A few minutes later, around 15 residents approached Mathias and immediately hit the victim who was still in the Wosi Market area.

The chronology received by AJI stated that as a result of the beating, the victim suffered bruises on his head, as a result of being hit with a blunt object. The victim also suffered bruises on his back as a result of being hit with a blunt object.

The victim had previously shouted that he was a journalist, but the crowd paid no heed to that

In addition to beatings, the mob also seized the victim's cell phone (HP) and Rp. 10 million in cash.

Until this report was published, the victim's cell phone and money had not been returned by the perpetrators of the beating.

Mathias then reported the violence to the Manokwari Police, accompanied by the West Papua Association of Indonesian Journalists.

AJI Jayapura strongly condemns the beating and deprivation of journalists' work tools in Manokwari. AJI also asked the West Papua Regional Police and the Manokwari Police to investigate this act of violence, and punish the perpetrators with maximum sanctions.

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