Chairman of South Solok Election Commission, expels journalists from their office


Nila Puspita, the South Solok General Election Commissions (KPU) chairman, cursed and ejected writer Kamisrial in West Sumatra. Kamisrial covered the arrival of the Legislative Candidate, one of the parties nominating parliamentary candidates, at 14.00 WIB at the South Solok KPU office. Kamisrial and other journalists met with the KPU commissioner inside the building.

Nila Puspita, South Solok KPU chairman, approached Kamisrial from his office. Nila then asked journalists about the South Solok KPU Commissioner's absence on the first Legislative Election submission day.

Nila told the journalists, "Sir, don't come here to produce terrible news. Report or spread that the KPU chairman expelled you" Nila remarked in local language. Nila continued in the local language, "I made news, now viral-ize it. No one fears the press now, sir, fake journalists." The journalist said that he had balanced news after hearing Nila's statement. Kamisrial attended the KPU and visited the chairman of election supervisory body on the first day of the Legislative Assembly submission before announcing the news. He failed to find a KPU commissioner. He then checked with KPU employees and local KPU commissioner Andi Andrawan Putra.

Nila, KPU chairman, rejected this answer and insisted that journalists leave and not report there. Kamisrial left the South Solok KPU building and could no longer cover the eight electoral parties that had not filed Legislative Candidate names till 23.59 that day.

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West Sumatra
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Nila Puspita, Head of General Election Commissions (KPU) South Solok, Sumatera
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