Chairman KPU Kediri Prohibits Journalists Covering the Ballot Folding Process


Dozens of journalists in Kediri, East Java were prohibited taking pictures of the sorting of ballot papers at the warehouse in Gampeng Village, Gampengrejo, Kediri, East Java on Friday, January 5 2023.

Dozens of journalists, namely Riski (memo newspaper), Anis (metaranews), Musim Harjito (bangsaonline), Joko (memoX), Yeni (demonstrator tabloid), Karen Wibi (radar Kediri), Pras (Antara foto), Yogik ( , Wildan (Kediri Tangguh), Habib (Doho TV), Nahdi (Andika FM), Kholik (People's Daily) were present at the at the warehouse, to document the activities of the Kediri Regency KPU.

Dozens of journalists were ready with their cameras and cellphones at around 08.00 AM local time, to record the process of sorting and folding ballot papers in the warehouse. However, the chairperson of the Kediri Regency General Election Commissions (KPU), Ninik Sunarmi prohibited journalists to record.

Journalists then tried to peek and take pictures through the slightly open rear warehouse door, but this activities was still prohibited.

Dozens of journalists then asked why they were prohibited from covering the activity of sorting and folding ballot papers. The Chairperson of the Kediri Regency KPU, Ninik Sunarmi, answered " Only those who are have duties can entering the sorting warehouse, for example officers who have been recruited," said Ninik. Some journalists still stay for coverage. But some journalists finally went home and continued coverage in other locations.

Ninik then called the Chair of the KPU for the city of Kediri and the KPU for East Java Province.

After waiting until around 10.00 AM, journalists who were still at the location then allowed to briefly enter the warehouse in a restricted area, to take pictures and photographs of the process of sorting and folding the ballot papers.

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