CekFact Network: Hacking of AJI Chairperson Sasmito Madrim Was Done in a Structured and Systematic Way


WhatsApp number and social media the chairman of the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) Indonesia, Sasmito Madrim, were hacked on Wednesday and Thursday, 23-24 February 2022. The breach in Sasmito's digital security system occurred around 18.15 Western Indonesian Time (WIB).

Sasmito at first received a WhatsApp notification that his number had been registered on another device. After that, his number is unable to receive phone calls and short message services.

Hacking attempts then targeted Sasmito's Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. All Instagram posts have been deleted, and private numbers of Sasmito have been published to sosial media. Also his facebook profile photos have been replaced with pornographic images.

AJI Indonesia's monitoring that the spread of hoax information in the form of Sasmito's name and photo was published on social media with various narratives. Including Sasmito supporting the government to disband the FPI. The narrative also tell that Sasmito supporting the government to build the Bener Purworejo dam, and Sasmito asked the National Police arrested Haris Azhar and Fatia.

However, fact checks by various media stated that this statement was not true from Sasmito, because Sasmito had never said it.

The hoax or disinformation seem want to make conflict between AJI Indonesia to other civil society organizations.

Regarding this case, AJI and the Journalist Safety Committee urged the police to thoroughly investigate the hacking and hoax case against Sasmito. AJI and the Journalist Safety Committee also asked the Press Council to urge the police to find evidence and uncover facts, cases of hacking and spreading hoaxes against Sasmito.

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