Carang TV's Maluku reporter was attacked after reporting on local regent' sexual violence cases.


The Maluku Regional Police has been urged to take immediate action in arresting and prosecuting the individuals responsible for the violence against journalist Yoseph Lesubun. Yoseph, also known as Oce, was allegedly assaulted by a person believed to be connected to the Southeast Maluku Regent, who objected to the reporting done by Yoseph regarding a sexual violence case involving the Maluku Regent.

The chief editor of Carang TV Ambon strongly condemned the actions taken against Yoseph for simply covering a press conference held by the Southeast Maluku Community Forum. Yoseph had received a phone call from an angry man prior to the incident, and he believes the caller was associated with the regent. The assailant entered Yoseph's house and directed a blow towards his face before leaving with four other men. Yoseph reported the incident to the police and sought medical attention for his injuries.

The attack is believed to be in response to Carang TV's coverage of the Southeast Maluku Mama Forum's statement regarding the Maluku Regent Sexual Violence case.

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