Campus journalists subjected to terror-tagging and surveillance


On September 21, former The Democrat editor-in-chief Berlineth Nymia Montes experienced harassment after three soldiers insisted on talking with her and her mother regarding her involvement with youth groups in the region.

Lou Marie Cuarto also received a summon from the barangay, a week prior. One of the publication's staffer also informed her that a soldier had asked around in the campus for her identification and personal information.

The latest incident happened on Sept. 21 where a soldier took photos of campus journalists who were supposed to cover the Martial Law commemoration at the Plaza Rizal in Naga City. The soldier then demanded that they provide them their personal information.

Then the barangay then sent an invitation letter to Aila Joy Esperida, editor-in-chief of The Democrat, student publication of University of Nueva Caceres. The letter states that the Philippine Army wants to have a “formal” discussion with Esperida and her parents.

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