CamboJA photographer harassed by authorities while covering protest at new airport


On June 8, CamboJA photo editor Pring Samrang was questioned and had his press pass photographed by local authorities while covering a story about villagers protesting the filling in of land near their homes at the $1.5 billion airport development project in Kandal province.
About 30 villagers from Kandal Stung district’s Kandork commune, located about 5 kilometers from the airport development site, protested against the filling in of land near their homes. Dozens of local authorities and police were deployed at the protest site.
Samrang said that while he was taking pictures of the protesters, a man in civilian clothes approached him and took a picture of him and his press card. The man left, but later returned and asked Samrang to accompany him to meet his superior. Samrang refused and left the site immediately after being advised by villagers to leave in order to avoid being arrested.

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