Alternative news outfits report persistent DDOS attacks


Both and Altermidya network reported DDoS attacks from unknown attackers.

MANILA, Philippines – The Altermidya Network slammed the actions of those sending off distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against its member sites.

In a statement released Wednesday, February 6, the organization recounted how the sites, Kodao Productions, and Pinoy Weekly, were hit in December 2018 by what it called “intense” DDoS attacks. The attacks resumed on January 25, affecting Bulatlat and Kodao Productions.

Swedish nonprofit Qurium, which took over the hosting of, said the attackers apparently used “nearly 2,000 computers to saturate the website and make it unreachable.” A separate attack showed the attackers sending 3 million packets of bogus traffic per second to the site. Similar techniques were used against

Qurium, which provides rapid response services to media groups and civil society organizations, pointed to the possibility of an attacker using “an extraordinary amount of resources” to attack Altermidya-affiliated sites.

The site disruptions appear to have been resolved as of this writing, though the chilling effect of such an attack remains.

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