AJI Demand Provocateurs to Beat Up Two Journalists, Processed


Two journalists for INEWS TV at Yapen Islands Regency, named Andrew Woria and Mesakh Yoberth Kamarea, were beaten by around 20 people in Borai Village, Yawakukat District, Yapen Islands Regency, on Tuesday, April 5 2022. As a result of the violence, Andrew suffered bruises on his face and near the right eye, as well as a headache. Also Mesakh Yoberth suffered bruises on his face.

At that time, the two victims were traveling with motorized vehicles to cover the activities of the Deputy Regent of the Yapen Islands, Frans Sanadi, in Waniwon Village.

When passing through Borai Village, there was a public roadblock, because it was suspected to be the result of the conflict between the Borai people and the people of Konti Village. Andrew and Mesakh's journey was stopped due to a roadblock. Then the two victims asked the local residents about the problem, who were suspected of having blocked the road and planned to cover the area.

Then one of the residents provoked the masses at that location, by stating that the two journalists were part of a group that was at war with the people of Kampung Borai. At the time, the two victims used identification as INEWS TV journalists.

Then perpetrators damaged the victim's camera. Also the memory in the camera was also confiscated by residents who were involved in the beating of the two victims. The mob then ganged up on the two victims, until they were finally stopped by residents and the police.
After this incident, Andrew and Mesak reported the case to the Yapen Islands Police. There has been no update from the police regarding the development of this case.

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