AJI Bandar Lampung Regrets Expulsion-Efforts to Confiscate Journalists' Working Tools


Journalist Lampung Post Salda Andala, and Journalist Lampung TV Dedy Kapriyanto, were evicted while reporting at the National Land Agency (BPN) office in Bandar Lampung, Lampung Province on Monday, January 24, 2022. At that time, their work tools were forcibly confiscated by the security guard at BPN.

This case began when journalists in Lampung received information about the residents at the Sumberejo sub district, asked for clarification about land certificates, for the accelerated complete systematic land registration program in 2017.

There were around 500 certificates submitted by the local village head office. But there were around 35 had not been finished. The residents have written the letter ask information about their 35 certificates, but there is no confirmation from BPN.

Then two journalists came to national land agency (BPN), to cover about that case. When they arrived at the BPN office, several security approached journalists and asked for a permit to cover that case.

At that time, one of the female security guards tried to confiscate the journalist tools. Another security tried to seize the working tools of the Lampung Post journalist.

Then the security asked journalist to delete images that had been documented. “Erase,..delete it, go away from here!” Said the security while closing the gate of BPN office.

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