Agus Harizal, Chairman of South Sumatra JMSI Threatened with Acidity, Allegedly Related to Sriwijaya Mosque Corruption News


Journalist for Suara Nusantara (SN) and, Agus Harizal ST, in Palembang, received a threat to be doused with vinegar, related to the news of an alleged corruption case in the construction of the Srwijaya Mosque in Palembang, South Sumatera. This corruption case report was revealed in the trial process at the Palembang Corruption Court.

The report was published in the media, with the title "NPHD Sriwijaya Mosque Signed by Akhmad Najib Violates the Law". Agus said the report was based on the data and facts at trial, with the agenda of expert testimony presented by the South Sumatra Prosecutor on Tuesday, March 22, 2022.

After the report was published, Agus Harizal, who is also the Chief Editor of the two media, admitted that he received threats and intimidation that he would be doused in vinegar. The threat was sent via a WhatsApp message by an unknown phone number. He has reported the threat to the South Sumatra Police accompanied by th Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) board and the Head of the Legal and Advocacy Division of JMSI for the South Sumatra.

The police are still investigating the case, and there has been no update from the police regarding the development of this case.

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