After Airlangga was questioned by the Attorney General, the bodyguards threatened to shoot journalists


A number of journalists covering the examination of the Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Airlangga Hartarto received threats. This threat was received by journalists when Airlangga finished being questioned regarding the alleged corruption case in providing crude palm oil export facilities. Airlangga's present as a witness at the Attorney General's office on Monday, 24 July 2023.

Airlangga was closely escorted by many bodyguards wearing white shirts, when arrived at the Attorney General's Office. After being questioned at 9 pm, the Coordinating Minister for the Economy gave a brief statement, then walked to his car.

Dozens of media tried to approach Airlangga, to ask a number of questions in order to gather some information. So many media approached Airlangga, caused commotion and they pushed each other. Airlangga had difficulty getting into the car.

Then a scream was heard from someone suspected of being Airlangga's bodyguard to open the way, as well as threatening to shoot. "Open the way! Open the way! I'll shoot! Shoot you," said Airlangga's guard.

Airlangga then managed to get into the car and leave the Attorney General's office.

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