Accused of Persecuting Journalists, Police Officers at Polda Kaltara Deny and Reply to Reports of Defamation


A local media journalist in Tarakan, with the initials M, reported to division of professionalism and security of the Indonesian National Police to ask for self protection.

M ask for the protection, because he is alleged to have been abused by police officer with the initials HSB. M conveyed the chronology of the persecution that occurred on Thursday, 24 February 2022.

According to M, he was invited by the US to HSB's house on mulawarman street at Tarakan city, North Kalimantan. There, M was interrogated and subjected to violence, by being beaten hard in the solar plexus with bare hands. He was also held at gunpoint by HSB, and was hit in the temple with the butt of the gun. Not only that, the two men with HSB also threatened M with a sharp weapon in the form of a dagger.

During an investigation by the division of professionalism and security of the Indonesian National Police of the North Kalimantan, HSB denied all allegations that were reported by M. Even, HSB
reported M back as a defamation case.
During the investigation process, M was not at home, and his telephone number was not active.

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