What is pfmsea.org or Press Freedom Monitoring in Southeast Asia? 

This is a regularly updated monitoring platform that is part of the Regional Collaboration initiative which monitors and builds evidence based on attacks and threats  against journalists and media workers, across the Southeast Asia  region.

The aims of this project are to monitor attacks against journalists and media workers as well as the press freedom situation that is inline with the SDGs number 16.10.1 and also to initiate an early warning system that enables targeted and time sensitive response. The database will also strengthen analysis and develop good practice on effective systems and support on press freedom, last but not least to mobilize regional and international support advocacy to hold states accountable to their international Human Rights obligations on protecting the press freedom.

The documented cases can be accessed, filtered, and searched using the Monitoring Explorer. This platform produces quantitative and qualitative analyses that offer deeper insights and statistics on the state of press freedom in Southeast Asia, through regular monitoring reports.


Who is behind the Platform? 

Seven independent media organizations from six countries in the Region with a shared vision and mission re-consolidate to fight for and promote the noble cause of press freedom issues throughout Southeast Asia. With the support of the Canadian Embassy, Netherland Embassy, and USAGM, we have formed a Regional Coalition to serve the public interest in relation to press freedom in the Region. One of our collective missions is to manage and develop this Press Freedom Monitoring Platform as a collaborative endeavor.

The seven organizations are recognized by the following names:

The Alliance of Independent Journalists

Alliance of Independent Journalists Indonesia 

The Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) is a journalists association in Indonesia that has around 1,800 members across the country who promote and advocate the issues of press freedom, journalist welfare and professionalism to fulfill the public needs of objective information. AJI has been established since 1994 by journalists-activists who demand justice and protection after the repressive action from the government regime to the mass media in those periods. 

Contact information: 

🕾   +(62 21) 315 1214

📧  sekretariat@ajiindonesia.or.id 






Association Journalist Timor Leste 

Association Journalist Timor Leste (AJTL) is a journalist association which was founded in 1999 consisting of professional journalists and citizen journalists that succeeded in pushing the issuance of a Press Law and a Press Council to protect an independent press in Timor Leste.

Contact information: 

🕾   +(670) 7852 9754 


Cambodian Journalists Alliance Association

Cambodian Journalists Alliance Association (CamboJA) is the only independent network of professional journalists in Cambodia which has been formed by a number of journalists, including former reporters of the Cambodia Daily and Phnom Penh Post which faced government repression in the lead up to 2018 general elections, aiming to establish a sustainable independent body that can carry out a mission to promote access to information and press freedom, strengthen the professionalism of journalists, and support their livelihoods.

Contact information:

🕾   +(855) 23 88 23 11

📧  communications@camboja.net 



Centre for Independent Journalism

The Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) is a Malaysian non-profit organization that aspires for a society that is democratic, just and free where all peoples will enjoy free media and the freedom to express, seek, and impart information. CIJ was founded by a group of five journalists, writers and activists, and started a project to fill in the demand for critical analysis of the political issues confronting the public in response to the 1998 political crisis in Malaysia

Contact information: 

📧 cijmalaysia@gmail.com 



Gerakan Media Merdeka Malaysia
 Gerakan Media Merdeka Malaysia  (GeramM) is a loose coalition of media practitioners and supporters of press freedom in Malaysia and across the South East Asian region. They were formed in 2014, by a street in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, to take to the streets in protest against suspension of now defunct news weekly The Heat. Since then, their network of #kawangeramm have cut across various media platforms in Malaysia and beyond. They stand together with their colleagues in the spirit of solidarity.

Contact information: 

📧 geramm.media@gmail.com



National Union of Journalists Philippines

National Union of Journalists Philippines (NUJP) was formed in 1986 to composed of working Filipino journalists/media practitioners here and abroad adhering to the Journalists’ Code of Ethics and committed to promoting journalists’ rights and welfare, upgrading their professional skills, and advancing the full exercise of the freedoms of expression, association, and right to information.

Contact information:

🕾   (+632) 3767330, (+632) 3767330, +639175155991

📧   secretariat@nujp.org





"Prachatai" (Freedom for the People) is a Thai non-profit news agency. It was established in 2004 by a coalition of social activists, scholars, and media professionals under the initiative from Senator Jon Ungphakorn, who envisioned an impartial news platform free from political or financial influences. Prachatai and its English language edition, Prachatai English, cover a range of topics including domestic politics, civil rights, freedom of expression, and democratic movements in the ASEAN region.


Contact information: 

📧 editor@prachatai.com or editor_english@prachatai.com